Attacking villages

It depends on what you want to get.
If you are aiming to get trophies then you want to get either 100% to get all the trophies or if you want to get a few trophies you can just get a 1 star. To get that you need to get atleast 50%. If your aiming for trophies but think you can only get a one star then you need to make sure the maximum trophies you can get from attacking that village is over 20 so then you get about 7 trophies.
The best way I think of trophy hunting attacks is to have these troops:
4=Wall Breakers
This is for a maximum of level 7 barracks
and 3 level 4 army camps that hold 135 troops.
This attack strategy is good because you send in a few barbarians and while the defense are distracted send in the wall breakers. When they have blown a hole in the wall send in the giants to start smashing up the defence. When the archers, wizards towers and missile air defense are broken send in the balloons. SEnd in the goblins to steal the loot the barbs to smash the place up and the archers as well the barbs and archers can also help destroying the defenses.

If your farming and you want to get gold and elixir you will need:
4=wall breakers
The rest golbins.
This is a good way to get gold and elixir. Because you send in the giants to distract the defenses then send in the wall breakers and then send in the archers and goblins. When your farming you want to attack a village that only has on wall around it or has all the gold and elixir collectors outside so its easy for the goblins to get.

There are many different attacking strategies:
Or like Jorge Yao: 11 dragons ad a few archers
I find the barbarian/goblins and archer attack strategy easier as it doesn’t cost much elxir (11 dragons will cost alot elixir!) and it doesnt take much time to train.

The first thing you want to look at when attacking is the resources you can steal off your opponent. If the resources you can steal is low and you don’t get many trophies off it the that match is terrible! Why are you even attacking it?!
You want to atack someone who has a higher amount of resources that it cost you to train your troops. And if they have a good amount of trophies.
What star are you looking for?
If your just aiming for resources and trophies you want to get atleast a few trophies. To get a reasonable amount of trophies you’ll need to attack someone who has over atleast 30 trophies to steal if you only 1 star it and they don’t have over 30 trophies to steal then you won’t get many trophies.


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