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New Clan Name

17 Jul

Hey guy/gals

Sorry for not posting in a while

i have left my clan due to inactivity, and am thinking about starting a new one.

Plz comment some call names and let me know if youd like to join, add me on GameCenter so i can invite you, my username is: dills 12345

thx, hope ill see you in my new clan 🙂



Shadow Alliance Clan Blog

27 Dec

If you would like to join our clan or even just have a look at it then i have made a brand new blog for it.
Check the blog out:
It will tell us all about the clan how it works, rules and everything. If you think i’m missing something out then just comment on that blog or visit the contact page.
So go check out that blog for our clan.

Simon Tay

20 Aug

Today we had a comment from one of the greatest youtuber of clash of clans Simon Tay!! Woo Hoo!!
Simon Tay is a youtuber! He posts lots of clash of clans videos.
From subscriber base reviews to attack strategy.
Check his channel out!

Game Center

12 Aug

Add me on game center.
Nickname: dills 12345

Add me on game center so I can visit your base and challenge you!
If you are in Shadow Alliance leave a comment of your game center and saying that you were in Shadow Alliance and I’ll get you in my new clan (if you want)
I’m starting a new clan as I had leader stolen off me!


8 Jul

Thanks everyone for all the hits! We have hit over 500 views!
Lets keep it up! Please add comments and say what you like and what I should add and I will reply back!
Remember to tell loads of other people and leave comments!

Just a few days ago I said about hitting 500 views! Well now we have hit over 800 views!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few days ago I said about hitting 800 views! Well now we have hit over 1000 views!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have now hit 2000 hits!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWOOOHHH!!!
Come on keep the views coming!! And remember to comment!!! 🙂


19 May

I just made this blog for a bit of fun and to help you with Clash of Clans (CoC) And also because we love CoC!!!
This blog is to help you with CoC if you dont know what the heck your doing on CoC! Make sure to tell all your friends about this blog if they play CoC beacause this may help them as well.
Make sure to leave a comment! Thanks

Keep Calm and Love Clash of Clans!