This is what your clan castle would look like before you have built it.

This is what your clan castle would look like before you have built it.

clan castle built

Everyone needs a clan! To get into or make your own clan you must make your clan castle. A clan castle is the destroyed thing surrounded by lots of trees, before you make it you cant move it but after, you can move it. To make your clans castle you need to have 40 000 gold then you just click on it then rebuild. Once you have made your clan castle, getting into a clan is free just search one up or go on global and ask for one to join. But to make your own it will cost you another 40 000 gold. The advantages of making your own clan is that you will be leader. The advantages of being leader is that you can change your clan symbol and description, you can also promote elder and kick people out including elder, you can also invite people off global.
Being in a clan but only being elder is better then being just a member. The advantages of being an elder is that you can invite people on global you can promote people to elder and you can also kick clan members.
Being a member in a clan is pretty rubbish! You cant even invite people on global.
Advantages of being in a clan is that you can request and donate troops.
A clan castle is kind of the same as a defence unit. If attacking troops come within 12 squares radius of the clan castle then if you have troops in your clan castle they will go out and attack the enemy trying to defend your village.
Finally, the last advantage of being in a clan is that when you can attack you can use your clan castle troops, these will going round trying to destroy things until they get killed. You can only use these once. Until you request some more in your clan. You can request for troops every 20 minutes. When you upgrade your clan castle it makes more room for troops so people can donate you more.
When in a clan you will have the chance to request troops every 20 minutes. People can donate to you any troop they want to. Sometimes ask for what you want. They can only donate you a troop only if you can hold it in your clan castle (CC)
Level 1 CC lets you hold 10
Level 2 CC lets you hold 15
Level 3 CC lets you hold 20
Level 4 CC lets you hold 25
Level 5 CC lets you hold 30

Every troop you donate you will recieve xp points, depending on the housing space of that troop. So 1 archer will earn you 1 xp. 1 dragon will earn you 20 xp.
On your clans information on the top right of your clan chat it will tell you whos elder, whos the leader and whos the member. It will also tell you how many troops what different people have donated. Donating troops gives you xp, gets you respected in the clan and if you donate enough it gives you an achievment.

Every 2 weeks the top 3 clans in the world get gems to split between the top 10 people in each clan.
Top clan gets: 20000 gems to split between the top 10 players in that clan.
2nd top clan gets: 10000 gems to split between the top 10 players in that clan.
3rd top clan gets: 6000 gems to split between the top 10 players in that clan.

Making a clan is hard! Making a GOOD clan is even harder! Most important thing in a clan are the members. Getting member can be hard, so use things to invite them in like: Offer out free elder, or give them really good/high level troops. That’s what I do. Also make your name good no one wants a clan with a silly name. Have a look at the top 200 clans and maybe mix up some names from there. Make it sound cool.
Once you have got people in your clan, some may leave. What I do to get them back is: from the new update you can see there profile and if they’re not in a clan then you’ll be able to invite them, that’s what I do. Also invite people from your gamecenter if you can. Maybe once your clan is full depending on what type it is, to make room.
If your clans a farming clan: you may want people who share experience, so get the experienced and high level players, who are always active. Kick out the people that don’t share experience or arent on clan chat much.
If your a trophy clan: you’ll want people with lots of trophies and who are always online gaining more trophies. Kick out the bottom people every few days to make more room for higher trophy players.
If your just a chill out clan: then you’ll want people that are online in clan just chatting that share experience and don’t really mind about trophies. Kick out the players that are very loyal or active and don’t go on clan chat much.
If your in a feeding clan; you’ll want people that know about your higher clan and want to try get in there.
But in every clan you should have loyal players, that are active and donate.

If you would like me to advertise your clan just leave a comment of you clan name, the crest, your trophy limit, and a few good things about your clan! And in return all I want is for you to tell your friends and clan about my blog please!!
And then I will advertise your blog! Just leave a comment!


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