Defending your village

It depends on what your doing to what defense you want. If you want to keep your elixir and gold then you have your gold and elixir storages in the middle with all your defenses protecting it in the middle, defended by walls all around. Have your town hall right outside not protected by anything so then when people attack you they just destroy your town hall but not your storage because they’re protected in the middle.

This is what your village should look like if your aiming to farm

This is what your village should look like if your aiming to farm

If you want to keep your trophies then you need to protect your town hall. Have your town hall in the middle protected by everything and then have your your elixir and gold collectors outside the walls. Having your town hall in the middle protected by everything it means that when people try to attack you if you have the right defence then they won’t be able to get through and might not be able to even get a one star.

This is what your village should look like if your aiming to keep your trophies

This is what your village should look like if your aiming to keep your trophies

Bombs are very good as they are very cheap and do lots of damage to small amounts of troops that are attacking your village. Bombs are good as they do small damage taking out lots of troops at a time no just one. If you cluster your bombs together they will be just like a giant bomb and damage the attacking troops even more.

Giant bombs!!
I don’t really use giant bombs as they are VERY expensive! They are good at taking out lots of the enemies troops in one giant bomb. If you do use giant bombs it’s better to put them in the inside of your village and only if you want to protect LOTS of gold or elixir! I wouldn’t reccomend on using giant bombs. Only if you are a high level player and can afford them. But if you do only use them to protect large amounts of gold and eixir. And remember to put them in the middle of your village!

Air Bombs!!
Air bombs are good at taking out small flying unitsmlike the minions. They are good because they are very cheap but I would only use them if you get attacked by minions lots. They do a bit of damage against dragons but they are better if you use them against minions.

Spring traps!!
These are very good, as they are very cheap but very effective. If a troop walks over them then they will just bounce them away. They can bounce up to 15 troops. Like 15 barbarians, archers, goblins or 3 giants. The only ground troops it will not bounce away is the P.E.K.K.A a it’s armour is so heavy! And heroes because they are so big! The best place to put them would be to have them in a wall gap as that is where the troops attacking are most likely to go. Unless the attacker was to put a wall breaker and blow up a wall not guarded by a spring trap.

Seeking airmine!!
Seeking airmines are just like air bombs but they do a massive damage! Even to dragons. This is the only trap that costs dark elixir. I would reccomend not buying any until you have bought your barbarian king or archer queen! The seeking airmine cannot be triggered by minions and will not damage them! The only troops it will attack it air units such as dragons healers and balloons. Not minions!!

Walls are very useful! They help keep the enemy out but mostly slow them down! Walls can take lots of damage (except from wall breakers) But they can still take hits from low level wall breakers if your walls are high levels. Walls are to protect your village. I reccomend not leaving any gaps in your walls or you may as well not have that wall there. But if you do leave gaps in your walls. Make sure to fill that gap up with bombs and spring traps!Leaving gaps in your walls is called funneling, only high level players that know how to do this do funneling because if you don’t do it right then your whole village will be terrible and you’ll get beat loads! Walls do not let ground units pass unless they are broke or there isn’t a wall there. But walls do let air units such as minions, dragons and balloons through. I would reccomend not putting two walls behind or in front
of one wall as wall breakers will just go and blow them both up and it would be a waste of a whole wall! When protecting your base I would reccomend having different sections of walls protecting different places. Deffinitely have your storages in different wall sections so then if goblins or any troops get into one section with one storage in they’ll then have to get through MORE walls so it makes it harder and slower for them to 3 star your base and steal all your loot. Walls will not be affected by archers or wizards as they can just shoot over the wall.
Proper defenses!!
Cannons are the first defensive structure that a player will recieve at the start of the game.
Cannons are cheap and the easiest and quickest to upgrade. To upgrade they will cost gold. Cannons shoot any ground units very fast. The best troop for it to shoot is a wall breaker as they have very low health and it’s easy for a cannon to kill it. Cannons can also be used as a distraction for giants so if you place them near the outside but still proteced with walls and have your mortars in the middle then while the giants are atacking the dcannons it’s easy for the mortar’s to take out the giants!

Mortars are very heavy defenses.They are splash amage weapons just like the wizard ower so it means they are good for taking out mass army troops like barbarians, archers or goblins. But if a troop gets really close then it won’t be able to shootthat troops or bunch of troops. Mortars are a very good splash damage weapon but are slow at firing so they shot about every 4-5 sceonds. The only troop that might be able t dodge the mortars deadly fire is the goblin as they are very fast. Mortars cannot fire at air troops! I reccomend that you put your mortars right in the middle shaped like a triangle. Make sure you protect them with walls! When attacking mortars with troops make sire that you don’t deploy them in large clumps as the mortar can take all of them out if it’s the right level.

Wizard tower!!
The wizard tower is a a stone tower with a wizard on it. Just like the mortar the wizard is a splash damage defence. But it is WAY BETTER!!! then the mortar!
1) It does not have a blind spot
2) It can attack ground AND air!
3) It has a better DPS (damage per second)
Although the wizard’s bolt of lightening doesn’t do as much damage as the mortar it still does A LOT!! I would reccomend putting a wizard tower right in the middle of the triangle of te mortars as if any troops get in there then the wizard tower will be able to take them out easily as they are all clumoed up taking out the mortars!
I would also reccomend on putting a wizard tower next to your defences so that if any goblins get into that storage then the wizard tower can take them all out with it’s splash damage!

Archer tower!!
The archer tower’s are very good structure’s! They can target air AND ground units!! They have an excellent range.The only thng that lets it down is that it doesn’t have splash damage. (But if every defence had that then it would be almost impossible to attack!)
But the good thing about the archer tower is that if you get attacked by dragons a lot then upgrade the archer tower as then if you leave a good upgraded archer tower like a level 6 just leave it to attack a dragon for 30 seconds and the dragon will die!!

Air defense!!
The air eefense isa powerful defensive building only attacking air units. Air defense can only target one troop unit at a time. The air defense cannot attack ground units. The air defense is ot a splash damage. I would reccomend putting atleast on air defense very protected right in the middle of your village highly protected! So that if your other air defenses are destroyed this one is very protected right in the middle of your village! NOt many people do this! Thhey just think air defenses air rubbish but they’re not!!

Hidden Tesla!!
The hidden tesla is similar to the bombs or spring trap. The reason is that when you first attack you won’t be able to see it until you get close enough. You can only unlock a hidden tesla at town hall level 7. As the hidden tesla is an electric type of defense (just like the wizard tower)it does double damage to P.E.K.K.A’s and targets them over all troops. The hidden tesla can attack ground and airtroops, but isn’t a splash damage type of defense.

Inferno tower!!
The inferno tower can only be unlocked at a level 10 town hall. It fires a jet of flame that can burn through anything! The flame takes time to heat up making it more effective against bigger and badder troops! The hidden tesla is a ground and air defense. The inferno tower only fires at one target at a time meaning it is not splash damage. To get the inferno tower to actually protect your village you must remember to reload it with dark elixir! It does not take normal purple elixr!! This defense is better against the biggest troops such as P.E.K.K.A’s golem’s and dragon’s. But it is weak against mass smaller troops such as barbarians, archers and goblins.

The X-Bow is unlocked at town hall level 9. This weapon is a rapid fire turret. It will only fire if it is loaded. It can only be loaded with normal (purple) elixir. This is a special kind of defense structure as you can choose for it to hit just ground, or ground and air. But the thing is if it is to shoot just ground units then it can shoot with a 14 square range but if you were to make it shoot ground and air then it will only shoot 11 square range. So it’ll shoot further if it was at just ground. But it depends on what troops you get attacked with most of the time. Ground, or air?


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