Heroes are the best type of soldiers. Just like the normal troop they go into battle, and try to win it for you by destroying the buildings. They cost dark elixir. But the best thing about them is that if they get harmed or die, you can heal them by utting him to sleep. (Heres a little tip! When you are in battle, when you attack with your hero bring a healer so then when all the defenses that can harm your healer and hero are useless the healer will just heal your hero right then. That saves yo having to put your hero to sleep and wait for it to regenerate.)

Barbarian king!!
You can unlock a barbarian king when you have got 10,000 dark elixir.
The barbarian king is bigger then a giantand the toughest of all the barbarians!
Your barbarian king can also defend your village if he is not asleep. But he only attacks one troop at a time and he does not do splash damage.

Archer queen!!
THe archer queen is just like the barbarian king. You must heal her before battle to get more health and she can defend your village. She is also made out of adark elixir.
The archer queen can be unlocked at town hall level 9 and be brought with dark elixir.
Tip for attacking is to use giants as a meat shield then some archers then the archer queen because she can shoot further then normal archers, with a 1.5 tile more radius the normal archers. The archer queen is better and more suitable then the barbarian king because she attacks faster and has a longer range. The archer queen attacks with a more modified and portable type of the x-bow


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