I can see that some people are typing leagues in the search enigine and there was not a page! Well now there is!

Why are there leagues?
League’s are here so that really high level people can’t attack low level people. This is kind of good, because we don’t want people like Jorge Yao or Kemal or people with really high level troops attackig starters and low level people. This is also what the trophy count does.

To get into a league you must have over 400 trophies. That will get you into a bronze 111 (3). From then on the more trophies you get the higher up in the leagues you will go.

To get into BRONZE you mut have over 400 trophies
To get into SILVER you must have over 800
To get into GOLD you must have over 1400 trophies
To get into CRYSTAL you must have over 2000 trophies
To get into MASTER you must have over 2600 trophies
To get into CHAMPION you must have over 3200 trophies.

When in a league if you carry on attacking and getting more trophies then you will be promoted to a higher league. But if you trophy drop or just loose too many trophies then you will be demoted into a lower legue.
Every player in a league will be a able to show off there badge. People will be able to see your badge in many places: chat, clan, tops and friend list.
A league season lasts 2 weeks. After this 2 weeks everyone gets taken out of the leagues and to get back in they will have to (multiplayer) attack again.

I think there shouldn’t be a max trophy limit. Not many people try to get into the top trophy counts or into champion league because when you get to the top there won’t be anything to do. All you’ll have to do is try keep those trophies. Which will be hard! When you’re at the top it’s very hard to upgrade buildings! You attack really hard people with nearly maxed out everything! When you’re at the top, you’ll have to take any attack you get because there so hard to find and you won’t be able to get many trophies! You’re most likely to get 1 and if your lucky you’ll get 2!


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