Shadow Alliance

I have now got my old clan back.
So get joining!!
The clan is caled: Shadow Alliance
Join for free elder!
I donate anything up to pekkas, and golems (if you can hold them)!
Every week I will put the top donator and top person in the clan on this blog!
Top donator: TARDIS – Has already todated over 1500 troops and always donates giants! 🙂
Top clan member: Ben – leading by over 100 extra trophies!!

As we are an improving clan I try to get everyone over 1150 trophies!
If someone drops then I will give them a warning to get back up and if they don’t then. Kah Pow! They will be kicked to our feeder clan!

If you would like me to advertise your clan just leave a comment of you clan name, the crest, your trophy limit, and a few good things about your clan! And in return all I want is for you to tell your friends and clan about my blog please!!
And then I will advertise your blog! Just leave a comment!


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