There are lots of different kinds of trolling, from the Tesla trolling to the clan trolling.
What I hate most is the clan trolling!
Clan trolling is annoying and can hurt people quite a lot (just like bullying LOL) Now you can just look at someone profile and invite them back if they are kicked or leave it doesn’t really matter because they can just join back if they want.
But I bet YOU have atleast had one go and either kicked a whole clan or most! or just kicked one or a few members in rage šŸ™‚
Leave a comment saying what you’ve done Tesla or clan and what kind and how you did it.
There are quite a few different kinds of clan trolling. From people cursing to kicking everyone out!
The one I hate most is the one where they kick or steal the clan from you. This has happened to me quite a few times.
1) In my first clan. Some one joined and so I welcomed them giving them troops and everything like I do in my clan. Then this guy asks for leader. Since this was my first clan I didnt really know what that meant so I just gave it to him. A second later I find a message in my notebox saying I’d been kicked out! I’m like “what!!!!”
2) This annoys me loads. (but some people just can’t help it and have to! šŸ™‚ Everyone must admit that you’ve kicked someone out just for the fun, I went rage and kicked all the members out because I was elder.) I did this once and the leader was offline. Ok so someone had invited me to this clan and before the update were there wasn’t a kick cooldown for elders I was out looking for a clan to troll just for fun “mwahahaha!” so this guy invited me and I joined and asked for elder, there were to elders on at the time and one said “don’t give him elder” not even knowing that I will. I persuaded the other guy by saying “how like everyone was nearly elder” when only a few were. So this guy promoted me to elder. The other guy’s like “no! He’s gonna kick everyone” I’m just sat the like “Mwahahaha” I start kicking people. This guy sees and is like “I told you so” and the other guys like “I’m so sorry!!!” Im sat there like #YOLO! I found that so funny. Now they have introduced the elder kick cooldown, an elder can only kick a member every 20 mins.
When there was no elder kick cooldown, whenever someone joined I would promote them to elder ASAP, this meant that even if a elder did get rage and decide to kick the member it would just be one person instead of the whole clan! But now there is an elder kick cooldown not everyone needs to be elder. But I still like everyone being clan elder in my clan so then everyone can invite and it’s a way of advertising, giving out free elder. I also like it so then everyone feels special and equal.

OK lets get onto tesla trolling.
Tesla trolling is when someone someone puts there townhall outside the walls in a non protected area. Then someone comes along thinking “oh some free trophies. Wouldn’t mind them” puts in just a few barbs or archers and then up pops these hidden tesla, and then you either have to loose trophies or get on with the attack and waste lods of troops.

I’m not clan trolling any more because I have a nice active clan and wont want to leave them. But I might Tesla troll if I get a bit bored, or when I’m trophy dropping. If I am while I’m trophy dropping, I’m gonna do it in style!!!

Have fun trolling! (or getting trolled) šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Trolling”

  1. LA Clasers (please join to help rebuild! June 17, 2014 at 6:39 pm #


    • dylan145 July 23, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

      What league are you in? Add me on GameCenter so I can see your base and your clan, my username is: dills 12345

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