To get troops you have to unlock them in the barracks. A different level barracks means a different troops.
Lv1 Barracks=Barbarians
Lv2 Barracks=Archers
Lv3 Barracks=Goblins
Lv4 Barracks=Giants
Lv5 Barracks=Wall Breakers
Lv6 Barracks=Balloons
Lv7 Barracks=Wizards
Lv8 Barracks=Healers
Lv9 Barracks=Dragons
Lv10 Barracks=P.E.K.K.A

Normal Barracks troops!!
The barbarian is unlocked in the first barracks. The barbarian is a ginger man with an angry look on his face. Every time he hits something he makes a loud “UHHH!!!” noise! The barbarian is a scottish warrior, you can see this from his brown kilt with a leather belt and a steel shaped buckle. He also has spiked wristbands on both arms.
When you upgrade your barbarians to level 3 they gain a leather headband and a bigger sword.
At level 5 they get a bronze broadsword and a viking helmet.
The level 6 barbarian gets a dark iron broadsword and gets a mighty horned helmet even with a face mask! All the things on the on the barbarians of the last level get a darker shade of brown (kilt, belt, wristband, and sandls.)
Barbarians are useful for distracting defenses in groups and powerful when swarming in huge numbers.
Players sometimes spred them out in a line so then the mortar and wizard tower can’t attack them all and kill them all at the same time. Spreading them out also means they would be able to hit and harm more building then if they were in a group, but it also means they will be slower at destroying that building. Large masses and swarms of barbarians are great as they deal a huge amount of damage! Barbarians are great to have in your clan castle as the have a big health meaning that the attackers will have to waste time trying to kill the barbarians from you clan castle which means your defeses and ythr barbarians will have more time to kill the attacking troops.

The archer is a ranged unti meaning that they can shoot over walls and won’t need to get close to do damage.
The archer is a female with pink hair and sharp eyes. She wears a short, light green dress and matching cape, a leather belt and attached small pouch, a quiver lung to her back and a golden ring on each of her upper arms. Her quivered arrows are fletched with pink feathers.
At level 3, the archer’shair turns light purple
At level 5, the archer receives are darker green hood and a pink mask.
At level 6, she trades in her for a golden tiara, and her hair turns dark purple along with her arrow fletching.
Archers have no prefered target, attacking whatever comes into range. Archers have a very weak health but their advantage is that they can shoot over walls. Their low health means that if you put them in groups then they will be able to be killed by all the splash damage defenses very easily.
When attacking you should place down giants, then barbarians and then the archers. The barbarians and the giants are used as a meat sheild nd the archers then shoot over tose troops, and the walls.
Archers are great to have in your clan castle as they can shoot air troops like ballons and dragons and minions, but they are not good against dragon’s as they are splash damage, and can kill the archers easily.

The goblins are the fastest troop in all the barracks. The only go for resource buildings. Making them the best troop if you are farming. They deal double damageto resource buildings. (gold mines, elixir collectors and the storages.)
The golbins only go for resource buildings but after they have destroyed all the resource buildings, they are great damaging other buildings and are so fast that they can dodge the mortars.
The goblins appeaerance is of a small green creature with pointy ears, red eyes, and a red tipped nose. Goblins wear brown pants and shoes. They also have a large sack for carrying loot stolen from your enemy.
When attacking you should use wall breakers to clear a way into to storages and the pumps, then use barbaians and giants to distract and destroy the splash damage defenses.
Goblins are great for setting off traps and bombs as their speed lets them get out of the way before they go off.
When designing your base you need to put a wizard tower next to your storages as you can splash damage the goblins when they are trying to get to the storages.

Giants are very large troops they can take huge amount of damage, but don’t deal out much in return. Their primary target is defenses, so in large groups they can deal are huge amount of damage. Due to their high health most players when attacking with this troop use them as a meat sheild, to protect their other troops.
A level 1 and 2 giant wears a brown tunic with a red belt and copper belt around his waist. But with no other accessories.
At level 3 he gains dark metal cuffs around his arm and metal knuckles on his hands.
At level 5 he exchanges the dark metal cuffs and knuckles for golden ones.
At level 6 the giant upgrades his cuffs and knuckles to black metal. He also grows a long thick red beard and dons a black cape.
At the beginning of an attack send the giants into to destroy the defenses and to also use as a meat sheild as the giants can take so much damage. When sending the giants in send them in as large groups.
Another attack strategy is to use them with a heal (watch out for the air defense) ad use the healer to heal the giants while they go round destroying the defenses. The wizard and archer towers will not attack the healer as he is protected by the giants.

Wall Breaker!!
The wall breaker is a small skeleton that wears a brown viator hat and has a small scar across its right eye. It carries a large bomb.
The wall breaker attacks by finding a protected buildng and destroying the wall protecting the building by blowing itself up kamkaze style. It deals splash dammage around the enemy and deals 40x damage to the wall.
Each time the wall breaker is upgraded the bomb it holds get larger.
At level 5 the wall turns golden
When attacking using wall breakers send out a giant or barbarians as meat sheilds then send in the wall breaker. Try not sending it into battle when near a wizard tower or enough for the mortar to reach it.
Wall breakers have low health so use must use giants as meat sheild.
I would not reccomend have 2 walls behing each other trying to make double protection. That is a terrible because the wall breaker will just go in and blow them BOTH up.

Balloons are the slowest moving unit in the game!
They do devastating splash damage to ground units, dropping bombs on them.
When attacking with them make sure to take out air defenses or they will get blown out of the sky!!
When the Use giants as a meant sheild
Different level barracks means different troops. The higher the barracks the better the troops. But it also means the troops cost more and upgrading the barracks will cost a lot of elixir.
There is also a special barracks. The dark barracks! This is a special barracks as the troops are better and you can only buy the with dark elixir. (DARK barracks) hint in the name! LOL.
Lv1 Dark Barracks=Minions
Lv2 Dark Barracks=Hog Riders
Lv3 Dark Barracks=Valkryies
Lv4 Dark Barracks=Golems
It costs elixir to upgarde the barracks but dark elixir to train the troops. It also costs dark elixir to upgrade the troops in the lab.

Upgrading troops – to upgrade troops you need to build a labratory. The higher the lab the higher the level of troops you can upgrade and the more troops you can upgrade. Sometimes to upgrade your lab higher you need to upgrade your town hall higher which is annoying. BUT! It means your troops will be a higher level. While upgrading troops, you can only upgrade one at a time. You can use gems to finish them. I think like the spell factory or barracks you should be able to use gems to speed them up. Apparently with a level 8 labrotary you can upgrade 2 troops/spells at a time. (I don’t know, But please leave a comment saying if it’s wrong or right.)
Upgrading troops is good because it gives them more life and better DPS (Dammage Per a Second)
It does cost elixir to upgrade your lab and train troops but the higher the level troops the more trophies and loot you can steal.


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