Ways for you to get gems

To get gems there are many ways.
1) You can complete achievements that would give you quite a lot of gems. It depends on what type of achievements you complete. Different ones give you different amout of gems.
2) This is the easiest way of getting gems. All you have to do is cut down trees or bushes or rocks. When you first start CoC there’ll be loads but once you have cut them down they’ll go, but more will grow back and you can cut them back down. Cutting these down costs elixir. Not all of trees or rock or bushes give you gems only a few do. But they all will give you elixir.
3) The 3rd way is to buy them there is many gems for many prices.
4) The next way is to hack the game. You can get many different gem hack tools. (See Hacks/Glitches/Cheats page)
5) The next way to get gems is to get them off facebook. Sometimes supercell give out prizes of gems if you send pictures of certain things in CoC or you vote for something.
6) Get sponsored like Jorge Yao. This is very hard to do. But if your lucky enough then you will get sponsored and your sponsor will spend lots of money for you to buy gems with.
7) There are lots of apps that you can get itunes cards off by downloading apps going on them for 30 seconds then deleting again. You earn points for that app b y downloading an app or just logging on. You can also get points by signingup for someting or by filling in a survey. A few app that do this is: app nana. Check this ne out on the computer feautrepoints.com
8) You can also get gems off duxter (see duxter page for that) but you can get gems off duxter by voting the best clan and winning if your in that clan. Or by posting a picture of your attacks or base and getting voted the best.

Check out flammy on youtube he has done a video all about gems it basically says how to get them and what to do with them.

Gems is the most important thing in the game. I think that it’s a bit weird that you can buy gold and elixir with gems but can’t buy gems with gold and elixir. Don’t you?


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