THe lab is where you go to upgrade troops or spells. You can only upgrade normal troops and spells with normal elixir but to upgrade the dark troops then you need to use dark elixir.
I think in the lab you should also be able to upgrade spring traps or bombs, or air bombs because then that would be cooler! Say if you were to upgrade the bomb it would give it a larger ranger or a bigger bomb, or if you were to pugrade the spring trap then it could send more troops away.
If you upgrade the lab while something in the lab is being researched then the thing being researched will stop unitl the lab has finished upgrading. So I would reccomend waiting until the thing you are researching is done until you upgrade your lab. When you research something make sure that is the ting you want to research, because you cannot cancel it, you will just have to wait until it’s done or you can gem it. You ca use gems to finish things straight away meaning that you won’t have to wait for it to finish.


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